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Why is Bellingham unique to you?

This quarter at Western Washington University, I am in a Photojournalism class. Our first photo assignment was to go off campus and ask the citizens of Bellingham a question, gain their contact info, and take a picture of them. Here is how it turned out:

“Most people I know live around here,” said Al Montgomery, 65, regarding why Bellingham is unique to him, outside of the Black Drop Tuesday, Oct. 7. “That’s about it.

“Bellingham is unique to me because it’s where I found my passion for education and social justice,” said Hayley Smith, 22, at the Pickford Film Center on Tuesday, Oct. 7.

“I was born and raised here,” said Jemuelle Frazier, 30, at the Downtown Emporium located in downtown Bellingham on Wednesday, Oct. 8. “I guess Bellingham is unique, but to me it’s more just home; it’s a part of me.”

“One thing I’ve noticed about living here is that you could be walking on the sidewalk and smile or say hello to a perfect stranger and they acknowledge and smile at you back,” said Lindsay Mount, 27, while working at Koi Cafe in downtown Bellingham on Tuesday, Oct. 7.

“Bellingham is unique to me because I am here,” said Michael Elmer, 54, as he posed for a photo in his store, Michael’s Books, in downtown Bellingham on Wednesday, Oct. 8.

“Well, I’ve been here for a long time and I’ve seen it evolve,” said Will Davis, 68, owner of The Lucky Monkey, located in downtown Bellingham, on Tuesday, Oct. 7. “It’s a good community: lots of things going on, a lot of outdoor stuff, pretty vibrant, pretty diverse, the people are pretty nice in general.”


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