'Rents Visit

My parents visited this last weekend, so that meant them cleaning my apartment, making me food, and me being their tour guide around this beautiful city.

I can “adult” and I have sort of been “adulting,” however, I’m kind of bad at it. So, having my parents here helped me re-learn how to live and survive in a clean environment. Or, how to, in the future, maintain a clean environment.

Thank you, parents, for re-teaching me how to live in cleanliness and to make food ahead and freeze it for when I’m too lazy.

While my parents were giving me life lessons, I was taking them around Bellingham (i.e. trying restaurants I haven’t even been to, giving them a taste of Bellingham’s best ice cream shop, showing my work place (and having them meet my boss!), and exploring Boulevard Park).

I love you, Mom and Dad!


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