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Stressed Out

Anyone that knows me can tell you that every quarter my stress level is insanely high.

I like to aim for good grades in school and I'm a perfectionist (which is difficult with so much work). With having so much work and a high stress level, you can get depressed and feel defeated.

This morning, I had a personal finance exam. I took this class to better understand how to "adult." However, I'm just not good at finance. Yesterday night, I cried from stress. I got angry - I almost threw things. It's hard to stay positive when you're stressed. It's hard to not get annoyed with everyone around you when you're stressed. I know firsthand.

If you're stressed right now, just breathe. Take at least ten minutes to yourself, then work your a** off on what you need to get done.

I know in the moment, everything feels like it's weighing on your shoulders (I felt that yesterday), but it's not. In two weeks or whenever the deadline is, it'll be finished and your hard work will have paid off.

This isn't really advice to everyone else, it's more of advice to me.

Drink water, get enough sleep, and breathe.

Here's motivation for me to complete this quarter's projects (aka a picture reminding me of summer):



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