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Travel Journal: Memorial Day Weekend

My friend, Susan (a British babe), and I were in a need of a good 'ol getaway from stress and school last weekend. We had this planned for six weeks, but it was finally happening. We were beyond excited - and it was everything we wanted it to be and more.

We traveled up to Vancouver, B.C., by bus, and hit up the town! We explored English Bay Beach, walked a ton, found our way without asking for directions to the Airbnb apartment we were staying in for the night (without GPS and service, might I add), had the most wonderful Airbnb host (she drove us when it was pouring rain and recommended bars and restaurants), drank wine and ate at a classy restaurant while wearing fancy dresses, hit the bars, hailed taxis for the first time, bought candies, and headed back to the States.

I feel like we grew in our experience - we just encountered different experiences that we've never encountered before. It was a chill time in Vancouver, but a lot happened. It was the best time I've ever had up in Vancouver (some pictures documenting our experience below).

After we got home from the couple hours of travel, Susan and I gathered our things and drove down to Anacortes for our next 48 hours of adventure!

We stayed in another Airbnb house and were treated as if we were at a hotel (i.e. book of favorites in town, mints, brownies, breakfast muffins in the morning, toiletries if needed, etc.). We ate in town from the recommendation from our gracious hosts, and then spent the rest of the night watching Suits as we were exhausted from our travels.

The next day, we treated ourselves to breakfast downtown, explored the shops, waited in line (way longer than we expected because we forgot to check times before we left) for a ferry, drove my car onto the ferry (first time I've ever done that), stood on top of the deck watching the islands go by with wind in our face, explored Friday Harbor, ate ice cream, went back on the ferry, had a scare with my car (it locked and stalled), looked at jellyfish in the water, were supposed to get off at another island but were parked in the wrong spot on the ferry (not our fault, I'll have you know), arrived back to Anacortes, looked for oil for my car and failed, and drove back home!

Quite an adventure, indeed.



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