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Summer is in the air!

It's been my summer break for two and a half weeks now and I am so much more relaxed. I am in my home state and house for the summer as I wanted to spend more time with my family and my friends here before I graduate college.

So far, I've just met up with friends, played with my sister's bunny, relaxed with my family, and worked at my internship. It's only been two weeks but I really did miss home and I'm so thankful that I'm able to spend my summer here.

The prime reason I came to Arizona for the summer was for my photography internship at AZ Big Media. I've completed one week at the internship and I've already learned so much. My work is published on their site and Instagram; I've messed up on a photo; I've photographed an event; etc. I am definitely getting my credit's worth at this internship. My internship is located here in this wonderful building, on the tenth floor (eek!):

Here are some pictures of bun bun (my sister's bunny, Sandy) that I miss oh-so-much, as she's hopped away back to my sister and her boyfriend in NYC:



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