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I've never actually known how to network. How does one network? Apparently, one networks by just being oneself and keeping the conversation going.

As I've stated previously on this blog, I'm an introvert. I'm afraid that my introverted-ness will stop me from networking and connecting with people. However, as of recently, I've networked successfully and opened the door to new opportunities.

For my internship, I had to take pictures of the associate director of sales at Carefree Resort and Conference Center, David Rosenbaum. I was able to network myself with him and he passed on my information. Last Thursday, I took pictures at an event. It was an amazing experience and I'm very thankful to David and Troy Peters who hired me on.

Also, at the event, I talked to a photographer, Gordon Murray, who usually photographs those events but was able to be in the audience this go-around as I was the photographer. I networked myself with him and Troy Peters.

When talking with Gordon, he said that unlike most photographers, I'm able to hold a conversation really well. He has no idea how much that comment means to me. As I said above, I'm afraid that my introverted-ness comes off when I'm trying to network. However, it looks like I'm all clear and am networking fine.

Honestly, I think what comes down to it is to feel confident in what you're passion is. I like my photography - I like my talent. I have a photography talent. You just need to admit that you're good at whatever you're good at and be confident. Once that happens, just be yourself and opportunities will come knocking at your door.

Some pictures of the event:



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