Homemade Marshmallows

For every Christmas, whether all the extended family comes round or just a few, I make a gift for each of the people or each family. This year, I wanted to test my baking skills.

My friend from college and I experimented with making vanilla marshmallows a few weeks prior and actually had success. However, we did do it in a more "college"-like way as we didn't want to buy a bunch of new foods and cooking materials for it (we made it sans cornstarch and stand mixer).

This time around, I had my mother for assistance and a more experienced baking knowledge on marshmallows.

After making them with my friend - and only making vanilla, I wanted to make more than one flavor. I decided on three for each person - vanilla, chocolate, and peppermint. In total, I made 72 marshmallows. That's a lot of marshmallows.

I think it was a more successful process this time around. They turned out really tasty and not too sweet! My mother also made hot chocolate on a spoon for the family to accommodate my mallows.

If you're interested in mallow making, Theo is the way to go.



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