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Travel Journal: Glacier National Park

At 11 p.m. on the Thursday before Memorial Day Weekend, my friends, Grace, Gerson, and I set off on a 11 hour journey to Glacier National Park. Taking turns - driving through the night with one person asleep in the back and one person up front awake to keep the driver awake - we bonded (you know, got real deep), freaked out when we saw a elk on the side of the road (oh wait, that was just me...), and fueled our excitement for the trip.

We each failed at getting sleep on the road there, which made for real tired people getting slap happy. At one point, we lost data and could no longer listen to Spotify on our phones... which led to the music we would listen to for the rest of the trip: Sheryl Crow and Friends Live.

Once arriving, we set up the tent (which was real hard), got gas, ate at a diner in the Park, and took a nap in our tent.

Throughout our time there, we jammed to Sheryl Crow, enjoyed our walking distance to the lake and views of the peaks, hiked with gorgeous views, slapped mosquitoes off of Gerson, ran sporadically from bugs, ate copious amount of s'mores, and just had a grand 'ol time.

Thanks for a good vacay, friends!

Also - check out Gerson's GoPro vid of our Glacier adventure!



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