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Travel Journal: New York City

Last Wednesday, I ventured to the city that never sleeps.

My sister and her boyfriend live in Brooklyn with their dachshund and their bunny and allowed me to come sleep on an air mattress in their (small, but nice) humble abode.

My main mission, if that's what I am to call it, was for me to feel like a local this trip. I'm not that big into doing really tourist-y things - I'd rather have conversations and just feel and look like a local in a city.

Throughout the trip - Heather and David both showed me where they work, I wandered around Central Park while those two (actual) adults were working, I traveled on the trains by myself without getting lost, I momentarily broke my metro card (and thank goodness got it fixed again - was not about to spend another $30), met Heather and David's fab friends, went into numerous hip bars (and spent a sad amount on drinks), played with Tucker, the dachshund, and Sandy, the bun bun, visited the 9/11 memorial, got drenched in the pouring rain in the city, visited a flea market, ate cereal milk ice cream, went onto their apartment's rooftop and looked at the skyline, had my flight cancelled, got sunburnt, danced the night away, and much much more.

Thank you to Heather and David for putting up with me for the past few days. I love you guys - see ya soon!



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