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Travel Journal: From Narragansett to Chelmsford

As stated previously, the reason for the road trip was the 90th birthday celebration of my father's uncle. That evening in Narragansett, my parents, sister, sister's boyfriend, and I drank wine and beer, had some fun with cracking lobsters (and creepily looking them in the eyes), meeting some second cousins, and chatting with those we are related to (even in some distant way). Later on at night, we cracked open three bottles of wine that we shared with my aunts and uncles.

The next morning, we headed to Boston. For David's (my sister's boyfriend) birthday, we went to the Sam Adam Brewery for a tour and a tasting. I had a few sips of the beer even though I only really like beer that doesn't taste like beer...

The Sam Adams Brewery has a trolley that takes you to Doyles. The trolley was definitely an experience. The driver played older classics and even hit on the brakes to the beat of some of the songs with the music blaring. He was very enthusiastic about Doyles as well - even to the point where I can't write or hear that name without hearing that man say it!

We were staying in the Marriott Custom House, which used to be used for, well, customs - and construction was authorized by U.S. President Andrew Jackson (history fact right there for you!). At the top, they had an ice cream social and whatnot, so we went up the elevator, up 19 or so flights, to eat some ice cream and enjoy the outside 360 degree view of Boston.

We didn't view the "tourist-y" parts of Boston, but we walked around, and enjoyed some healthy food and gluten-free cupcakes. (Side note: I also slept on the most comfortable queen-size pull-out bed of all time!)

For the next couple of days, we chilled with my dad's high school friends and their spouses, said goodbye to Heather and David heading back to NYC, and hung around my dad's side of the family.

All in all, a pretty 'lax time in the northeast.



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