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DIY: Wedding/Bridal Shower Gift

This past Saturday, my high school twinny, Kristen, got married (to her hubby, Chad, who I met the day of their wedding!). I congratulate them and wish them happiness and laughter in all of their life together.

Kristen's bridal shower was held a couple of weeks prior to her wedding, and along with getting her a gift of the registry (to be given on the day of her wedding), I wanted to give her something personalized.

I saw an idea in Real Simple magazine about a personalized logo and candle. That was to buy a candle with the logo already made and personalized. Because I am interested in graphic design, I thought that I could just buy a candle and make the logo myself, which is what I did.

I created the logos (the one on the box and on the candle) on InDesign. The logo on the candle includes: the bride and groom's names, the volume, the company it's made by, the burn time, and the scent.

The design was cute, it felt like a good gift for the bride (for baths) or for just a little relaxing time, and it was a personalized, warming gift for a good friend.

You can make your own logo and buy a candle (or even make your own candle), or buy it all in one.



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