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Geco, Inc. & Celebrations in Paper

Since October 2017, I've been scanning documents for Geco, Inc. It doesn't sound like the most riveting job, and trust me, it has not been the most fun job. However, it wasn't the worst. I got paid for it and I got to listen to loads of podcasts while doing it.

Since February 2017, I've been collaborating with another graphic designer to create spec sheets for Geco's products. It's been enjoyable and I'm very grateful this company allowed me to help out. I was creating spec sheets with engineers (including my dad) and project managers and it's allowed me to help learn the process in a professional space.

Last Friday was my last day at Geco, Inc.

I'm very grateful for my time at Geco. After graduating from college, I felt very frustrated in not being able to get my dream job. I mean, that's not really realistic. Most people don't get their dream job out of college - only a small few do. I interned for a magazine (unpaid but had a great time) and to earn some money, decided to scan documents. It's not very glamorous. Through talking to Geco's team, I was able to land a graphic design position because the people there knew my background and what I majored in at college.

I met incredibly kind people (not counting you, Dad). The main woman I worked under for scanning is one of my favorite people. She does so much at Geco, and even that is an understatement. I would constantly see her running around. She does so much and the way she is with other employees is exactly how I want to be. She's a bada$$ and very much a woman to aspire to (thanks, Kelly).

The reason I left Geco is because I got a full-time job, which I started on Monday. It's at Celebrations in Paper and I'll be working as an invitation design assistant.

I applied for this job on a Wednesday night (along with other jobs that I didn't really feel qualified for - though I did for this one) and the next morning, Rene, the owner of Celebrations in Paper, contacted me. I came in for an interview on the next Monday and got the job on the spot.

I've trained the past two Wednesdays - taking in the lot of the information. The company is small - three women (Rene, her mom, Dee, and me). Big thanks to Cara who allowed me to shadow here and taught me so much about my new role here. Cara is leaving and I'm taking her place... (Side note: you have to follow her cat, Kylo, on Instagram)!

I've always wanted to get into invitation design and this is my gateway! I'll be designing, printing, and assembling invitations and all the day of the wedding stationery.

I'm very excited for this new chapter.



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