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Food Photographer

I'm that friend (and family member) that goes "WAIT!" before people can touch their food, to which I then take numerous photos, and then allow my friends and family to eat their food. I'm that person.

I love food photography. If I go to a restaurant and they don't have good food photos on their menu... I make comments and I get a bit turned off. If you aren't going to have good photos on the menu, don't have photos on the menu.

Good food photography is lustful. You look at it, and your mouth immediately waters. I think what makes food photography is the lighting and the display. Once you have those two, you should be set.

I take food photos in my personal life and would one day LOVE to take them for professional reasons.

I interned at Bellingham Alive Magazine where I did take a bit of food photos, but primarily alcoholic cocktail photos which was such a joy to me.

Check out some recent food photography work of mine (and if you'd like to see some more):



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