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What have I learned in this past year?

I have come to accept myself - who I am, the body I'm in, my flaws, my healing, and my constant growing (not physically... duh).

Perfection isn't real. Not one person is perfect. Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook - they all show perfection that doesn't exist. I used to compare myself to everyone including those closest to me. "Their art is so much more neat and beautiful than mine." "That person's photography is so much better." Blah blah blah. Perfection doesn't exist and what I create is perfectly imperfectly mine.

My body is beautiful. I don't have the perfect body deemed by society, but I don't give a d***. I have a tummy and it's just proof of the fact that I'm alive and that I eat yummy food. I'm strong but I don't necessarily have that toned definition, but I don't need to prove my strength to anyone.

I've come so far in healing from those that hurt me. I still get upset, but being aware of where I'm at in my process has helped me grow.

I'm never the perfect me. I'm never the final me. I am constantly growing and changing and I love me at every stage.

I've learned my strengths and my flaws and my beauty.

What are my goals for this next year?

I aspire to keep growing and changing and healing. I want to read more books. I want to feel motivated and keep creating. I want to hang out with the people that bring me joy. I want to forgive myself for making mistakes (especially at work).

I want to spread kindness and love into a world full of so much hate.

(some pics of me from this year - that's my faceeeee)



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