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Missing It

I miss photography.

My job is printing, assembling, and designing invitations; and, I love it. However, I miss photography. Photography holds my whole heart.

I don't take many photographs anymore (it's also extremely hot outside in Arizona and I love natural light, but maybe that's just an excuse).

People keep asking me if I've taken many pictures and I'm not only ashamed or embarrassed to share that "no, I have not" to them than I am to myself. I'm a photographer. At least that's what my business cards say and what my website says, so I should act like it.

I can now take some pictures of invitations at work and I've done two (1, 2), but I need photography for my expression and to make me feel like me. I guess I'll go get my camera and constantly keep it in my hand when I'm not at work.

Volunteer photography, magazine photography. Something. I guess this is just a reminder that I just need to shoot and like a good professor once said, "Always bring your camera with you. You never know what you'll find that instills a need in you to capture."



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