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Creative Inspo, No. 7

I'm leaving my current job as an invitation design assistant in early May. After, I'll be traveling to New Zealand. It's a country I've always dreamed of going to. Lord of the Rings landscapes might be a huge reason... As it's been getting closer and closer to the time I leave the more excited and motivated I am.

**None of the New Zealand showed above are my photographs. All were taken from Google Images.

I'm also motivated for what comes after. I'll be working on my freelance photography business, growing a food photography blog, and working on some aspects in my personal life. I'm inspired for what my future will hold.

I've been more inspired lately not by what I've seen but what I'll be doing, by the people I'm surrounded by, and a lifestyle I aspire to live in and am currently in the process of changing it. I'm inspired recently by my friend, Claire, who I will be joining in New Zealand; by my sister, who is going after a healthy (mentally and physically) lifestyle; by my best friend, Susan, who is going after a new opportunity in her career; my cousin, who is moving out of the state for happiness.

I am happy and inspired.




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