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Creative Inspo, No. 10

Art, photography, books, tv shows, music - that's what getting me through these crazy times.


Waiting For You - Paperwhite feat. Heather Bond

I miss you, I'm sorry - Gracie Abrams

Shampoo Bottles - Peach Pit

Intentions - Justin Bieber (feat. Quavo)

YOUTUBE: Weird History

Weird History is just what it sounds like... history that is weird. It's quite amusing. I've watched videos on a plague where people danced themselves to death, what happened and more accurately what went wrong with Chris McCandless (Into The Wild), about the day the music died, and how 17 year old Juliane Koepcke was the lone survivor of a plane crash and survived 11 days in the Amazon.


The way this woman works with paper astounds me. She makes intricate patterns and landscapes that are 3D. I am in complete awe over them.

Floral acrylic paintings (there are landscape paintings too and are also awe-worthy) - need I say more?

I believe art isn't just paper, paintings, collages and illustrations, but also desserts. Cakes with beautiful designs - or just cakes in general... art. I am completely inspired by these cakes and am trying to better my baking and decorating skills.


As the world opens back up, I don't agree and am staying put. I've been designing a bit more and trying to take even more photos, here are some:



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