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I have never participated in Drawtober or Inktober before, but I've always seen it through artists I follow on Instagram. Because of this weird year and feeling a lack of creative motivation, I decided to challenge myself with Drawtober.

In terms of art genres, I usually steer toward photography, painting, and collaging. I do like to draw, I just don't do it very often. I recently asked and received as a gift from my parents: 642 Things to Draw. So far, I think I've drawn four things in there. But now, after this Instagram challenge, I have more motivation to draw. I quite enjoy it, even when my hands cramp.

I drew some miscellaneous things, shown below:

And I also am a HUGE Harry Potter nerd, so I drew some HP-related things, shown below:

I am proud of myself. I would feel big bursts of creative energy after drawing, and have more motivation to bring some pencil to paper and maybe try some new creative outlets, as well.



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