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Five Nice Things

I read something recently (link) from an email newsletter about a game you can play with someone called Five Nice Things. You literally name five nice things. Things you are truly grateful for and/or things that you appreciate that are slightly funny, but still "nice." As stated, "We can notice, or we can not notice, nice things. I recommend the former."

Here are mine:

  1. Opening the blinds. No matter at what time of day, opening the blinds in your room, office, kitchen, etc., allows sunlight in and instantly makes me feel better. Whether the sun is streaming in or the room I'm in is opposite from the sun, having sunlight and natural light improves my motivation. And it's not only about the sun, it's about when I need to think - looking outside at the world, making shapes out of clouds, and hearing the birds at the bird feeder in my backyard.

  2. Cool morning walks in the 50s. It's cold enough that you need two layers, but not cold enough that you can never get warm. My body warms up enough that I don't need to roll up my sleeves, but feel nice and comfortable in the crisp morning air. It's also not so warm that I'm sweating.

  3. Fun patterned socks. The socks can be ankle socks or knee high or only to the calf. Socks that have fun patterns on them instantly bring me joy. I have socks with cats, cows, pigs, cats in tacos, rainbow-colored, skulls... you name it.

  4. Waffle fries. I love a good fry that has the perfect ratio of crunch to softness and the waffle fry does just that.

  5. Tea. I love drinking tea when it's a crisp cloudy morning. I love drinking tea in one hand and reading a book in the other. I love getting together with people and chatting over tea and biscuits. I love making chai tea and using a milk frother and feeling like I'm a barista. I love obsessing over all the types of teas to try with my mom in a store or ordering online. Black tea is my fave, but I can always go for a good peppermint herbal tea.



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