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Photoshoot: Belmina & Paul Newborn

Let's just face it. I'm Belmina and Paul's family photographer. I've photographed their engagement, wedding (a month after the wedding - as I was a bridesmaid), maternity, and now, newborn.

I am so tip-toe-y (?) around babies. They are such fragile little beings. They are so cute with their little everything - toes, fingernails, ears, nose. I loved how the lil baby boy would clutch Paul's index finger when he was being fed milk by his mama. He would look in your eyes when you talked to him. He cried when he wanted milk and when he went number two. Ya know, he's a baby.

I have felt so honored to take their photos at each stage.

Here are some photos from their shoot:

*When you take photos with me, I have the right to share photos that I have taken of your family, but I will always respect not wanting to share a baby's face with the world. So at the request of Belmina and Paul, I'm only sharing photos of their little boy (name also not being mentioned on purpose) sans face.



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