Thanksgiving 2020

Last year, Thanksgiving was held inside with about 20 or so people, all sitting close, everyone staying close to 4 hours or more - even a cousin's girlfriend flew in from New Jersey.

This Thanksgiving, as you all know, looked a bit different. Instead of meeting with a ton of family, my grandparents (who live next door), and one of my uncles, came by. We sat outside, in socially distanced tables (one table per household - aka three), and wore masks when not eating or drinking. The outside gathering lasted for only two hours.

I am in much better spirits than I was at the start of this pandemic. Not to go over it again, but I was so sad and disappointed that this year wasn't going to turn out the way I had hoped - family trips and a 7-8 month trip to Australia full of adventure. No, quite the opposite. I have accepted that I cannot control everything in my life. This pandemic is literally the definition of something being out of our control.

Thankfully, none of my family has contracted the virus, so I am able to be grateful for our health. I am thankful for my grandparents who live next door. I am thankful that my grandmother (in Massachusetts) passed before COVID got crazy, so my immediate family and I were able to attend the funeral and be with family in close quarters. I am thankful for this time with my parents and their continuing support of me. I am thankful that this pandemic has brought me closer to some of my friends.

In a time where so much hope is lost and so many are grieving, I feel selfish for feeling grateful. But even in the darkest of times, one must remember to turn on the light.



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