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Travel Journal: NYC

On Veterans Day weekend, I traveled to New York City to see my sister, her boyfriend, their pup, Tucker, and their bun bun, Sandy. I like to see my sister and her boyfriend at least once a year. I'd love for it to be two times a year, really, but I'll take what I can get.

Before I go into my adventures there, on Veterans Day, David (my sister's boyfriend) told me he had something to show me. He went into their bedroom and brought out a little box (... Heather had to go to work) that looked like a ring box but I didn't want to assume. Turns out I was right and it was a ring that David was going to propose with to Heather. I kept it a secret (minus telling my best friend) until David FaceTimed my parents to let him know of his plans. Saturday, November 16, David went with Heather to Central Park and popped the question and she first said, "are you serious?" followed by a "yes!" Here are some pictures of my sister and her fiancé (and Tucker), and her ring!

On the Thursday night, we went to my fave place, Santa Panza (they have an amazing cheese board with honey - it's TRULY amazing) for dinner, and Hart Bar for drinks. At home, we relaxed with the very cuddly pup.

Friday, was a sisters day as David went to work. We walked the High Line. It was beautiful, but insanely windy and cold (in the 40s!). We walked in Central Park... I mean, if you take a trip to NYC, you have to go to Central Park - am I right? Heather was very excited to show me and my sweet tooth Levain Bakery and wow, they did not disappoint. You definitely cannot eat a whole cookie in one go, it's so rich, but very delicious and gooey. We cooked at home that night as we were cold and wanted to relax with the pup. Every time I've visited, I've hung out with their wonderful friends, so of course we went to a favorite bar of theirs, Sunrise Sunset, and chatted with the gang.

Saturday was a day of walking around Bushwick on a nice, sunny cold day, followed by drinking cider and eating yummy food at the Brooklyn Cider House, drinking a $5 cocktail (what a deal!) in a beaker, eating a nice homemade dinner and cuddling with the puppy, and attending a party at H&D friend's apartment. What a day.

Sunday had plans, but became a day of staying in and watching Hallmark Christmas movies. It wasn't planned, but I loved it and it felt more like when we were younger. Plus cuddly Tucker and licky (sounds gross but he licks/kisses a lot) Tucker were a bonus. At night, we ate at Suzume and that meal maybe was the best one yet this trip.

I always miss my sister and David, and this trip made me really happy. I got so much love from the pup, gave so much love to the bun, and had some quality time with the sib/sib bf (now fiancé!).

Until next spring, you two lovebirds.



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