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Travel Journal: Summer Road Trip, Pt. 1

In July and August, my parents and I took a road trip out east for the purpose of seeing my cousin get married. My mom isn't a airplane flyer, so for all my life, we've taken road trips across the states. It's been a blessing in disguise. I've seen so much of this country and can take 13 hour drives like it's nothing.

This trip was a bit different, because of a certain pandemic. We wore masks and sat outside in hot, humid weather. We were slightly disappointed of certain states and cities that acted like this pandemic is over. We usually would sit at a bar and talk with the locals, but because of the pandemic and our cautiousness, we didn't get that added fun to our road trip. We still had a good time, and I, of course, took many photos along the way, but it was different.

The first day, we drove to Albuquerque, New Mexico, where we stayed at a hotel right off the highway and had a bit of trouble sleeping, but ate some delish spicy tacos at Rio Bravo Brewing.

The second day, we traveled to Wichita, Kansas. I was surprised by how much I liked the quaint area we stayed in. The hotel was old and the elevator was a bit creaky and freaky, but I loved our room. We ate at River City Brewing Co for dinner, where we enjoyed various brews and some pizza.

In the morning, before we left Wichita, we went to The Keeper of the Plains. The place honors Indigenous peoples and plays their music from the sculpture. We also walked to a drain where there was a troll statue underneath the grate.

The third and fourth day we spent in Kansas City, Missouri. We sat outside on all these days and definitely couldn't wear those clothes until we washed them. We stayed in an Airbnb that used to be a school. When you walked down the hallway, it was taking you back to school days. They still kept boards up and the windows next to the doors that are now apartments, had a foggy glass put on them for privacy. The apartment itself had two bedrooms and a chalkboard. The first night there we went to Brewery Imperial.

The second day we spent at the World War I Memorial and Museum, ate at Boulevard Brewing Company, and ate our second meal as takeout at our Airbnb because we wanted a night in, and especially didn't want to sit outside and sweat loads again.

I loved Kansas City, the city, not the climate, and could see myself living there.



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