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Travel Journal: Summer Road Trip, Pt. 2

On the fifth day of our summer road trip, we traveled to Evansville, Indiana. I found the location of this city to be rather mystical? We traveled on small two-lane roads through the country side, and then it was, Bam! we are in a city. We walked from our Doubletree Hilton hotel, after munching on the infamous warm chocolate cookies, to a brewery where we enjoyed the after-rain weather and some Asian food from a food truck.

On the sixth day, we traveled to Highspire, Pennsylvania. It was a long day of driving, where we ended up having to stop to avoid a storm and eating late at a mediocre restaurant.

On the seventh day, we stayed in the Highspire area, by touring Indian Echo Caverns. We were three of five people on the tour, including the tour guide. We drank some wine at the Vineyards at Hershey, where we were only planning to go for a tasting and ending up going on a tour, and drinking way more than planned. After, we traveled to Hershey and took a drinking chocolate tasting at the Hershey Museum. We were hoping to eat at an Italian restaurant that we visited years prior, but unfortunately they were closed that day. Before eating dinner, we tried to get some views of Three Mile Island, and then ate dinner at Tattered Flag Brewery. Their food was absolutely delicious.

On the eighth day, we traveled to Westford, Massachusetts. That night, we went to Tavern on the Square and visited with my dad's friends from high school.



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