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Where Are You Going to Hang It?

This is a question I get from people when I say I'm painting another piece. It's not a stupid question, and if anything, it's a pretty valid one. However, I've realized that when I paint, it's not to have it fill a blank space.

I paint to try a new technique. I paint to inspire myself in other creative ventures. I paint to get that image that has been in my head for months onto a canvas. I paint for me.

I have done most of my painting days in high school. I thought painting was a part of me, but then I went off to college and only touched a paint brush once. Then when I tried to get back to it after college, I faced anxiety over not being perfect. It took me a bit of time and a pandemic to realize that in order to get better at painting, I have to do it. I don't have to create art that is beautiful. And the beauty of acrylic is that if it sucks, paint over it.

I don't paint every day, or every week, or every month. I paint when I want to and it fulfills me just the same.

So where am I going to hang the piece? I don't know. Maybe behind the last one or in front of the last one or in a closet or... who knows? But I'm going to paint this piece all the same.



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