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Year of Books

When I was a child, the books that got me into reading were the Heartland series by Lauren Brooke. After that, I was pretty much hooked on reading.

I read most genres - only shying away from horror and politics.

On Goodreads (a site where you can track the books you've read, currently reading and want to read), I have 711 books listed that I want to read. My reading challenge for 2020 is 20 books, and because this year hasn't gone as planned, I've read 16 books so far.

In a time of uncertainty, anxiety and isolation, I try to find gratitude as much as possible. I'm grateful that myself and my family are currently healthy. I'm grateful I can live at home - for free and to spend time with my parents. I'm grateful that I can read so many more books as sometimes I feel overwhelmed by all the good content in this world that I might not have the time to enjoy.

Currently, I'm reading four books. One is a coffee table book that I started months ago - The Religions Book. Basically, I want to learn about different religions in a strictly factual way. I don't want to read a book where they are trying to convert me. Second, I'm reading Bird on Fire: Lessons from the World's Least Sustainable City by Andrew Ross. The "world's least sustainable city" is Phoenix, aka my home. I care about the environment very much and it's interesting to read on why my city is failing. Third is Becoming by Michelle Obama. I'm not super far into the book yet, but her writing so far is so beautiful and every word makes me visualize and feel so at home. The fourth book is a behemoth - Under the Dome by Stephen King. I believe it's the longest book I've ever read - a little above 1,000 pages. I do appreciate though how fast of a read it is.

In a time of uncertainty, anxiety and isolation, being able to escape into another world - even if it is nonfiction - is paramount. I am feeling a lot of anxiety. I've been needing to use my night guard almost every night (jaw-clenching problems). If this virus lasts for a long time, and I'm able to stay healthy, I'll be reading a lot more books and making a little dent in that 711 (and probably more added in the future) want-to-read books list.



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