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Film of the Week: Our Changing Climate

This week's film of the week award goes to: Our Changing Climate by Jack Harries (aka Jacksgap).

It's a short film, featured on Jack and Finn Harries's YouTube channel, to bring awareness to climate change. Jacksgap has over 4 million subscribers, and Jack Harries is a filmmaker, so with the amount of subscribers he has - he likes to bring important issues to light.

As I said in the last post, I love films that are cinematographically beautiful. Everything that Jack films is so incredibly beautiful. Ever since he's moved on from challenges and Q&A vids, I've gain so much respect for his filming skills. He has gotten bad comments/lost subscribers, however, I think the videos produced now display his talent and change the world and his viewer's perspectives on life.

This film is beautiful, not just in the way it's shot, but in the landscape as well (and it makes one sad to know it's disappearing). Also, the graphics used in the video were well done - and it definitely helped viewers understand more in learning about climate change.

I just think Our Changing Climate is cinematographically beautiful and is important (and reaches the correct audiences).

See it for yourself! (And be sure to check out all the other talent-filled videos at: Jacksgap).

(Note: I couldn't help but notice the way Finn said "glacier" in this short film. This was a very important video, however, whenever he said "glacier," I couldn't help but laugh. I've just never heard it pronouced that way.)


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