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Travel Journal: Bellingham Trip, Pt. 1

Ever since I've left Bellingham, I've wanted to go back. I've been back for a short trip, but someone was driving and they were kind of in charge of what we were doing and therefore I wasn't really able to do what I wanted, ya know? So when I came back to Bellingham, I wanted to focus on doing things myself and what I really wanted to do and explore.

I went up to Bellingham and for four days, I explored the town on my own, with occasionally seeing friends for meals. It was perfect. I loved spending time on my own and in this town that I love with my whole heart. I rented a car and stayed at an Airbnb. It was a private room in a house, with a woman who provided me with food for breakfast and was the perfect host.

It was Bellingham, so it did rain once while I was there, but it was also just so nice outside most of the days. It was sunny and in the 60s/70s. I re-fell in love.

The first day was a flight to SeaTac, and then a very short flight to Bellingham. I was a bit nervous about the airport and the flight, but it was quite easy to eat Bugles snuck from the bottom of my mask and leave the mask on for the flight. It was pretty stress-free. My rental car was crazy... it was so new. My car is 11 years old. I love it. It's my baby, but this car, while I did have some complaints with blind spots and graphic design of the gas graphic, the touch screen with being able to access Spotify and view Google Maps was such a highlight. I was delighted. Though, I did keep forgetting that I didn't need a key to start the car. My car is in such great condition, but sometimes I forget how old it is.

I checked in to my Airbnb and walked down to the docks, to Kuru Kuru Sushi. The weather was perfect and while I waited for a table and call from Kuru Kuru, I sat by the water and watched the waves. I ate at the sushi place and enjoyed this food that I've missed oh-so much. It's a belt sushi place, and you pay per plate.

Afterward, I headed to Aslan Depot to meet a good friend, Tiff. Aslan Depot is a second location for the best Bellingham brewery, Aslan Brewery. I drank my favorite beer, that they still have, Disco Lemonade, and chatted with a good friend. It was perfect.

The next day, I stopped by Avenue Bread for my favorite loaf that I dream about in Arizona, Rustic Wheat. It is a sourdough whole wheat bread. It is heavenly. I also stopped by Fred Meyer for some avocados to eat with this bread. This day I spent walking around Western Washington University. I bought a mug. I already have a mug from them, and it's engraved, so I wanted another one. The building with the bookstore is new and it was crazy for me to see these new buildings. The campus was also dead as classes don't start until late September - I only saw people walking their dogs or campus tours. It was wonderful being able to walk around in such nice weather and I also discovered a building that I know existed when I went to school here but I never ventured to because I didn't have to (the STEM building).

Even though I stopped at Aslan Depot the night before for some drinks, I needed to stop by Aslan Brewery for some mushroom poutine, a salad, and another good beer.

Afterward, I walked around downtown. I walked into some antique stores and into Babygreens Plant Shop where I had an amazing Hibiscus Iced Tea. I drove to my former job, Picture Perfect, that has been temporarily closed this entire pandemic, as the owner is in Canada. But, it was nice to peek in and bring back some memories. Earlier today, too, I drove by my old apartment and friends of mine's apartments that I spent a lot of time at. I had a nap, and then drove to Marine Park, a park I've never actually been to. I stayed there until it was time to meet with my friend, Ganiv, for dinner at Ovn Pizza and later, a walk along the boardwalk. It was lovely.

The next day I went to Colophon Cafe for breakfast. I went to this place once before with my parents and grandparents when I graduated and I remember eating a delicious veggie melt. This time, because of Covid, they had a limited menu, but they had a delicious salmon melt that to this day I cannot stop thinking about. It is so good and is a must-go if you are heading to Bellingham. I also got a chai... because I'm me.

This day was a Chuckanut Drive kind of day. I stopped at many lookout points along Chuckanut Drive, and of course, stopped by Larrabee Park. I just stopped, sat, and looked at the ocean a lot. It was very peaceful. I packed myself a lunch of ~the bread~ and avocados and a side of a sliced peach to eat with a pretty view.

It was a cloudy day, but it didn't rain on me until I started eating a strawberry ice cream cone I spontaneously bought at the bottom of Chuckanut Drive. I ran to my car to consume it safely from the wet. I then drove through farmland, through Burlington, to the area behind the Bellingham mountains - around Acme. At this point it was definitely raining harder, and I was getting sleepy, so I drove around Whatcom Lake, and back to the Airbnb where I took a nap.

For dinner, I met with my friend, Tiff, again for beer at Stemma Brewery and Sweet As Waffles food truck. I didn't particularly go for a "healthy" dinner, I went for a berry cheesecake waffle. It was so yummy. After, I went to her place and met her monster, a Bernese Mountain dog, Kobe.

Good fun.



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