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Travel Journal: Bellingham Trip, Pt. 2

The fourth day was my last day alone. It was a rainy morning, so I went to Fairhaven and walked around Village Books. I settle upstairs with a book I brought and a cup of hot chai. I did some reading, and some looking out at the weather and feeling the cool breeze come through the cracked open window. It was nice. Once it stopped raining, I walked around Fairhaven. I went into my favorite bookstore, Eclipse Books, and bought a couple of books. My favorite part of that bookstore is all the piles of books everywhere.

I was going to eat a late lunch with friends, so I decided to stop at Thousand Acre Cider House. Of course when I left Bellingham, all these cool cider places popped up. So, when I came to visit this time around, I wanted to try them all. Thousand Acre Cider House does not make its own cider, but it does carry cider from the Pacific Northwest. The four ciders I had were delicious - Fig Leaf, Black Plum Bourbon, Lavender Perry, and Habanero. I was the only customer in there as well, as I came in when they opened, and the two employees working were incredibly kind.

I had lunch with my friend, Tiff, again, and Darian came along. I haven't seen Darian since Tiff's wedding, which was about 2 years ago. Tiff had to leave early, but the chats were deep and fantastic with Darian. It was a great time.

Afterward, I went to Whatcom Falls, because what is a trip to Bellingham without going to Whatcom Falls? I walked around for about one to two hours just taking in the nature. I even got a woman to take my picture with the disposable camera I brought.

I passed a cider place on the way to Whatcom Falls, so on the way out of the park, I stopped at Lost Giants Cider Co. Unfortunately, as I was sipping my flight I was feeling incredibly hungry and had to give it back with a lot of cider waste. It hurt my heart, but I finished my favorite flavor. I headed to Storia Cucina for dinner. I ate a good meal by myself that left me incredibly full. I had arancini, foccacia, and a caesar salad.


I relaxed at the Airbnb for a bit, before I left for the docks area to read one of the books I bought and to watch the sunset. It was colder this night and I had to bundle up with my raincoat and probably looked quite silly, but it was a gorgeous sunset.

The next day, was the day my friends arrived. Before they did so, I checked out of my Airbnb, and headed to the Farmers' Market where I bought some raspberries and strawberries. Eating my berries and enjoying the sunshine - that's what I did at Zuanich Point Park for a few hours where I got a sunburn on my nose and top of my forehead and hairline.

I needed to drop my car off at the airport, and ended up being stuck at a gas station filling up my gas for about 30-40 minutes as the gas was SO SLOW. I was panicking a bit, I won't lie. Everything was fine though, and my friend, Claire, picked me up at the airport to which we headed to Brandywine Kitchen for lunch to meet up with Grace, Gerson and Susan. Lunch was fab - we chatted and caught up. We went to Fairhaven and walked to Boulevard Park via the boardwalk where we got coffee and tea at Woods Coffee, before heading to check in to our hotel. The hotel was an adventure in itself. I booked the rooms - two - one for Grace and Gerson, and one for Susan, Claire and I. The one Susan, Claire and I were in first smelled so heavily of smoke and you could see the smoke alarm was removed. We requested a new room and it was so much better and situated across from Grace and Gerson's room.

For dinner, we ate at Bellingham Cider Company. Again, I needed to check off another cider place. I split a flight of cider with Susan, and ate a caesar salad and truffle fries for dinner. After the cider place, we went to Black Sheep for drinks and then Honey Moon Alley and Ciderhouse for.. drinks. Then we ate our typical college drunk food. And slept.

For brunch, we went to The Birch Door Cafe, as of Tiff's recommendation. Then it was time to head to Seattle. I opted for Grace, Gerson, and Susan's car as Claire was heading to her mom's place which is near Seattle, but not in Seattle. I love my friends so dearly, but I think I reached my limit of listening to musical theatre songs in that car.. ha. I was sleeping at Grace and Gerson's that night, so I went with them to their gorgeous apartment, and we quickly stopped there only to hop back in the car to pick up Susan to go to a brewery, Urban Family Brewing. For dinner, Claire came too, and we ate at this delicious restaurant, Fiasco. Susan and I split shrimp scampi and a mushroom pizza. Honestly, I cannot even state how delicious it was. Our event for the evening was a comedy show at Bad Jimmy's Brewery. It was fun and an interesting night listening to all the sets. I slept on Grace and Gerson's couch for the night and can't recommend that enough. Great couch. 10/10.

My last day was a Monday and Grace took it off and Claire wasn't working that day, so I spent the day with them. In the morning, Grace and I got breakfast at Retreat and brought it back to her apartment's rooftop. With Claire, we chatted for a few hours. For lunch, we ate in Ballard at Sabine. I had a gorgeous shakshuka... I can't really compare it to others as it was my first shakshuka experience but it was fantastic. We walked around Ballard, and soon we said adieu to Claire, and I soon after left with Grace for the airport.

I had a lovely time in Bellingham. I always wanted to go back and I had a lovely, lovely time. I saw my wonderful friends and ate some of the best food. I'll hold these memories in my heart forever.

Until next time, Bellingham (and Washington state).



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