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AZ Peeps: Megha Khona

I've known this girl for 3-4 years. This is the girl I went to high school with - she's the girl who shares a love of fashion and blogging with me, can have a deep talk any time of the day, and who knows the importance of a good Instagram post.

We also have had good adventures together (i.e. Seattle, Vancouver, etc.).

This past winter break, her and I went to downtown Phoenix, Arizona, for a photoshoot. Even if she felt a 'lil awkward being my model, I think the photos turned out pretty great (if I do say so myself).

Name: Megha Khona

Born and raised: Born in Connecticut, raised in Arizona

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies with concentrations in Marketing and Media Analysis, minor in Design

3 Things: "My favorite thing to do is to explore new places and just get lost in my adventures. I am currently obsessed with wearing hats. I always cry when I watch videos of people getting puppies for their birthdays or Christmas, because I have wanted one my whole life!"

Motto: "Always know who I am, to be thoughtful and humble to anyone who stumbles into my life, but most of all, to be happy and do whatever I think will make my life worth living."



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