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Visual Journalism Capstone

This quarter, I'm enrolled in my last Visual Journalism class (aka my capstone). This is the class where I take everything I've learned and apply it.

My class and I are creating a website from scratch on downtown Bellingham. We each have sections we are focusing on - food/nightlife, shopping, revitalization/development, homelessness, sustainability, history, etc. My section is on the shopping aspect of downtown.

I want to be a fashion and lifestyle photographer for a magazine someday. With focusing on the thrift shops and new clothing stores in downtown Bellingham, I can get some experience within this field into my portfolio, as well as making connections within my community.

There are ten clothing shops downtown - four thrift and six new clothing. For times sake, I am only going in depth on five stores. I hope to create an infographic, photo story, and other various photos for each of the five stores.

So far, I've interviewed one store and taken the photo story for that store. I have two interviews tomorrow, as well as taking the photo story for one of the stores. For the rest, I am still developing ideas.

I am excited about this experience. I wasn't sure how the downtown shops would feel about my ideas - and luckily, they are all excited and willing to help. One of my favorite aspects of Bellingham, is how the community is so warm, welcoming, and kind. I'm glad that this capstone project will help expand my portfolio, as well as allow me to interact with the wonderful people in Bellingham.

Below are just some photos of downtown Bellingham that I've taken over the years:



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