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Treat Yo'Self

In the words of Parks and Rec's Donna and Tom, I try to "treat yo'self." Or you know, treat my'self.

Last Sunday, all my friends were visiting home in the Seattle area or studying for exams - which left me all by my lonesome. I "decided"to give myself little refreshers throughout the day.

I appreciate Donna and Tom with their reminder to "treat yo'self" as when times are busy or stressful, we often forget to love and gift ourselves to even the most simplest of activities.

Here is a 'lil guide if you are in need of one of those days:

#1: When you feel no inspiration for all the work that's weighing down on your shoulders, go outside.

(Lucky for me, it was around 75 degrees and sunny outside!)

#2: When preparing to go outside and explore, wear a cute outfit to motivate yourself!

(Always works for me! #OOTD #StreetStyle)

#3: Go to town - to a favorite shop and cafe!

(For me, that's wandering in a bookstore and "having" to buy a book because of how cheap it is! Also, letting myself enjoy a sandwich from a local bakery. Mmmm.)

#4: While eating, watch a TV episode.

(I'm addicted to Bones. I "have" to watch at least one episode a day. Or you know, watch five.)

#5: In preparation for being productive, get comfy.

(What this picture shows is my way of being comfy and... a little quirky.)

#6: Be healthy.

(A.k.a. make a smoothie!)

#7: Get productive.

(It's about time, now. I believe a way to treat yourself is to get some things done, as you will feel productive and you'll have less to worry about later.)



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