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Last Thursday, I turned 21.

I had been waiting for this day for a long time - and that wasn't because I need to have alcohol. No, I was so excited because I now have the option to have alcohol. I just like having the option.

Anyway, last Thursday and Friday, I celebrated my birthday with friends and family. On Thursday, in the day, I baked my birthday cake for Friday's festivities with my mother. Later in the evening, my parents, grandparents, and I went out to dinner for celebration. As I was the birthday girl, I was to order the bottle of wine at dinner - and let's just say, I kind of ordered it wrong. But I mean, what do you expect of me? I just turned 21 that day!

On Friday, my mother and I awoke bright and early to finish the cake and prepare the snacks for the afternoon when my friends arrived. (A huge thunderstorm was active when finishing the cake and I was praying that Mother Nature would be in my favor and not shut off our electricity. Thank goodness she was on my side.) After the storm died down, my mother and I went off to lunch at this restaurant/lounge called The Montauk. If you're ever in Old Town Scottsdale in Arizona, I highly recommend eating at The Montauk. They had very delicious food, good staff, and a yummy Watermelon Mule.

Once home, we prepared more snacks and decorated our home with birthday gear. At three, my friends started to arrive. I only invited a few select friends as for me it's quality over quantity. We drank champagne, took photos in front of my "happy birthday" balloons, chit chatted, and ate cake.

Next stop - Postino for dinner. (Postino, another good stop for food in Old Town Scottsdale). I drank a Peach Bellini, which is peach juice and Prosecco (YUM!) and shared a bruschetta plate with a friend. Plus, they gave me a free dessert! Good company and good food. By the time we finished dinner, it was still too early to go bar-hopping. We decided to go to a restaurant with a bar so my one friend under 21 could stay with us longer. Many drinks were consumed at this bar - but all in good company. After a little drinking, we headed off to bar-hop for more drinking! Yay for the option!

My 21st birthday was a very good one - from spending quality time with family to spending time with my girls that I don't see too often (and I got to discover their drunk sides...). Big thanks to Ashlee for being the designated driver (love ya, babe)!

Thanks to all the people that wished me a happy birthday, who are in my life and make it special, and who celebrated my day with me.



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