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Growing Up

This week, I saw a friend I haven't seen in a couple of years. She's a friend from high school. This year, we are going into our last year at college. Oh, how far we've come.

I have one year left of college. I started college three years ago. I started high school seven years ago. All of this is just too crazy for me to comprehend.

In less than a year, I will be adult-ing. I will be living in an apartment somewhere in some city trying to survive on my probably low salary (I'll be a photographer - I don't expect to make much money).

Something that amazes me is how I've stayed close/friends with my friends from high school. Three years down the line and I didn't know if our friendship would make it. Throughout college, we've all changed - and it's made for some bumps along the road. However, I know when I graduate, not only will I have my college friends supporting me, but I'll also have six amazing girls that I'll have had by my side for around eight or a little less than eight years.

I'm terrified of applying for jobs and living in a new city on my own and having to budget everything on my own money and just adult-ing. However, I'm incredibly excited for everything I just listed.

I can't get too ahead of myself as I have seven months left until I venture out into the so-called "real world." But, preparations begin soon.

Wish me luck.

2013 highschool fam:

2016 highschool fam (minus one):



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