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Family Get-Togethers

I'm the family photographer, what can I say?

This last Sunday, my family and some of my extended family got together for lunch and gift-giving to celebrate three of our August birthdays. For as long as I can remember, my family and extended family have gotten together for these birthday and holiday celebrations. The celebrations are now far-and-few-between, but when all the "kids" were younglings, these family birthdays were almost every month.

As of high school, I became the family photographer. I was assumed to be the photographer once my interest sparked, and even more when my camera graduated to a DSLR.

Now that I've gone off to college in a different state, I appreciate the times that I get to see my family. (And, the difference between my photos now of the birthday celebrations versus when I first started is impeccable).

Here are a few pics from last Sunday's gathering:



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