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"Girlfriend" Getaway

Earlier this week, I went on a "girlfriend" getaway with my mother (or at least that's what the spa package called it).

Day 1:

Once arriving to the hotel, my mother and I were amazed at our room - as it had chocolates on the bed and a cool shower (it had two showerheads!). Once settling our things into the room, my mother and I headed out to the pool, but were surprised to find a hotel man right outside our door delivering fruit, cheese, crackers and apple cider to us for my 21st bday!

We laid by the pool, read our books, and drank margaritas. After a little bit of time relaxing in the heat, we decided it was time to fill our grumbling tummy's. We ate at the hotel's restaurant, Reds, and enjoyed a small plate and salad. The hotel even treated us to a birthday dessert (of our choice) on the house.

Later on in the evening, my mother and I had a little hot tub time and looked at the stars on the rooftop lounge.

Day 2:

My mother and I dined at Reds for some yummy breakfast in the morning. We then drove around and stopped in Oak Creek Canyon. We found an old locked up bridge, raspberries, and trails that weren't appropriate for my sandals (but we went on anyway!)

We weren't on a tight schedule, but did want to fit in our so-called lunch, aka ice cream, before the spa.

I've never been to a spa before or have had a professional facial. Let me just say that it was the most relaxing 90 minutes of my life. I forgot about all the stress I've been dealing with in terms of being a senior in college preparing for the "real world." I was totally at ease during the facial, massage, and hands/feet therapy. Thanks to my mother for paying, Diane, the spa therapist, for her relaxation skills, and spas for existing.

After our relaxing 90 minutes, we dipped into the spa's private hot tub.

My mother and I spent more time laying out by the pool with our books. However, we looked at the time, and decided to head over to a chocolate lounge nearby before they closed. If you are ever in Sedona, I highly suggest stopping by Lulu's Chocolate Lounge. Not only is there quite a beautiful selection of chocolates, all of their chocolate is gluten-free, soy-free, vegan, and organic. My mother and I drank sipping chocolate with cayenne and cinnamon while talking to the very sociable and kind workers there. We walked away with some chocolate as well - habanero caramel (AH-MAZING), salted caramel, and macadamia nut. The people there were lovely and the chocolate was to die for. You must go there.

We ate dinner at Reds again and enjoyed a small plate, salad, and margaritas. Their food is SO GOOD. And to no surprise, my mother and I went in the hot tub before bed. What can I say? We are obsessed with hot tubbing.

Day 3:

Our third day was sadly our last day - and not even a full day. We woke up and ate breakfast at Reds. We packed up everything and drove to a local tea place. My mother and I have a love for tea. This shop had many teas to buy in tins and to drink on the go. It was heaven. We left with full hot tea cups and quite a few tins to enjoy back home.

On the road back home, we stopped a little bit before the red rock valley disappeared from view.

Thanks to my mother for such a wonderful getaway. I loved me some mother-daughter time.

I highly suggest visiting the beautiful red rock valley of Sedona whether you're into vortexes, spas, hiking, or chocolate.

"The red sandstone, it fell

Right smack on top of Sedona Arabella"



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