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AZ Big Media Internship

Today was my last day at the internship.

It was a really good internship. I learned something new every single day I went in.

Not everything was peachy, as I struggled with a lack of confidence in photo situations. However, with the help of my mentor, my belief in myself was renewed. He reminded me that I was at this internship for a reason - to learn. When I would be down on myself, he was there to remind me that I’m learning and I will constantly be learning in this profession. Learning will only make me do better in the future. I know everything hasn't been peachy and alright, but, I know that with everything I’ve learned, I am on my way to becoming the visual journalist that I want to be.

I have more knowledge and confidence on programs like Photoshop and InDesign. I have more belief in my ability to network and use my built in flash. I have designed and taken photos for a center spread, which makes me feel proud. I have built ads for the first time that the companies I built them for liked and it’s what will run in the magazine. I've taken photos for events. I've used a Nikon. I've done this; I've done that.

I've done so many different things at this internship. It allows me to add these new skills and expand my portfolio.

Not to sound cheesy, but throughout this summer, I've learned about myself in the process. I've learned what I need to improve on for my career and how I handle myself (and how to handle) in certain situations. I've learned what I need to do to have confidence or fake confidence. I've just learned a lot.

I just want to give a big thanks to AZ Big Media for hiring me on this summer as a photo intern, for allowing me to complete so many different assignments, for assigning me to an incredible mentor, and for giving me the best experience this summer.

It's been a pretty good summer and internship, and I'm looking forward to the future. ✈



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