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It's Autumn!

Autumn is here. You know what that means? It's almost Christmas!

The one thing that is getting me through this quarter is the reward of Christmastime. However, even if it's not the end of the quarter yet, the fact that it's fall makes me happy enough.

On my Bellingham bucket list for this last senior year, I wanted to go to Bellewood Acres. Bellewood Acres technically isn't in Bellingham, but - shhh. The reason I wanted to go to this place is because it has apple orchards and pumpkins - the essentials of fall.

My friend, Susan and I, gave ourselves a break from homework and drove up to this beautiful landscape, walked around through the pumpkin field and apple orchards (and picking an apple for ourselves!), and drank some frozen apple cider (it was a hot day!).

Here are some pics from our adventure:



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