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All By My Lonesome

Last Saturday night, I went to a concert alone. I had asked a few friends before the show if they wanted to come along - but either friends had something going on, were too broke, or didn't want to pay for a band they didn't know. At first, I was upset that my friends didn't want to go to a concert with me. However, once I thought about it, I was actually really excited to go alone.

If you've read my other posts, you may know that I am an introvert that loves spending time on my own. I like to do things by myself - I think it's important. Prior to last Saturday, I had only been to concerts with other people. This was a very new experience.

On October 8, I saw Mandolin Orange in Mount Vernon, Washington, which is 30 minutes away from my college town. Mandolin Orange is a folk duo. Folk is by far my favorite type of music - it makes me feel comfortable and at home.

When I drove down there, I had no idea where I was going and it was raining. Once there, I had a scare that they didn't have my ticket as the lady in the box office couldn't find my ticket in will call. Thankfully, she searched through and found it. I had a glass of red wine by myself at a standing table once inside (you know, it helped after that scare). A couple came and shared the table with me and we chatted.

When heading to my seat, I thought that I had bought a seat on the floor. However, I actually bought a "box" seat. Basically, there were four sets of four seats lined a long the edge of the theatre on the second floor. I was in the third box in the fourth seat - a couple was in the first two seats. I actually felt like I preferred to sit in the box seats as I was secluded from the majority of the people.

The concert was amazing. Mandolin Orange are hands down the best people I've seen live. The theatre was made up of mostly older couples, with about 10-15 college kids. Because of this older crowd, when Mandolin Orange was playing, it was silent, which made for amazing acoustics.

Mandolin Orange's opening act was Leif Vollebekk. At the end, Mandolin Orange and Leif Vollebekk played together, which was just a treat to my ears. All-in-all, it was a beautiful concert and a great new experience. Here's to going to more concerts alone!

Here are some pictures that aren't THAT amazing, as they were taken on my phone in a dimly-lit setting:



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