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Senior Project: "Women" Entrepreneurs Magazine

Throughout this quarter, my pride and joy - my sweat and tears - have been going toward my Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies minor project (and you know, all the other work I completed as well) in which I created a mini magazine on "women" entrepreneurs.

I covered five businesswomen in Bellingham. I asked them about their backgrounds, inspirations, how they feel this work they do is important to them and the community, what difficulties they've come across, etc.

At first, I wanted to cover twelve businesswomen, but then realized that was a completely unrealistic goal. My quarter was insanely busy this quarter. It is all quite a blur, to be honest.

The women I featured were: Michelle Bouma, owner of Heroine Clothing and Mi Shoes, Caitlin Walker, Bellingham's Barre3 studio owner, Brittany O'Brien, owner of Spruce stationery and design, Mundir Sidhu, owner of The Spice Hut, and Julia Bozzo, owner of the NorthWest Therapeutic Riding Center. Thanks to these ladies for contributing to this project. It wouldn't be what it is without them.

I created the magazine all by myself, obviously with the help of the women above. But, I wrote the stories, took the photographs, created the infographics, designed the pages - I did all of it.

Also, big thanks to my good friend, Megha Khona, for being my front cover model.

All-in-all, I am so incredibly proud of this project. It's something that I absolutely cherish.

Here is my finished product:



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