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I Do Not Like Snow, Sam I Am

I am an Arizona girl. I know it snows in northern Arizona. However, I am a southern 100 degree weather Arizona girl.

I do not like snow. I've never have been a fan of snow sports. I just don't like being cold. Also, I can't drive in snow.

On Super Bowl Sunday, it snowed and it was icy. I had to drive home; Triple A couldn't get to me unless I wanted to wait three hours; my best friend came to help me; my car almost ran us both over; and I slept over at hers because there was no way I'd be able to walk up the icy hill to my apartment.

We eventually moved my car to a safe spot the next day and I have been able to get into my apartment since then (as I'm writing this in it now).

However, I just... I don't like snow. It's fun for an hour, but I don't like cold and wet everywhere.

I've been stuck in my apartment for a few days. Blah blah complain this, blah blah complain that.

Here are some photos of this disliked weather:



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