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I'm constantly busy and that's how it should be - at least for this last month.

I'm busy making healthy food, working out, working for my internship and school magazine job, and hanging out with my friends.

To be honest, my priority this quarter was to spend as much time with my friends as possible and so far, it's been the case. Last week, I hung out with friends every single day from Tuesday to Sunday. Pretty successful, right?

I wrote a little bucket list of what left I need to do here. It doesn't seem that important of what's on it, but it's just places I want to go to in this town - a town I'm not sure when I'll be back to see.

Bucket list:

- Eat at Goat Mountain Pizza.

- Go to Primer Coffee.

- Eat at Wanida Thai.

- Hike Oyster Dome.

- Go to SAKU Tea.

- Go to the Abbey Garden Tea Room.

- Go on a day trip to Seattle.

- Have a bonfire at Teddy Bear Cove.

- Make sugar scrub (WITH SUSAN)

- Bake a cake (WITH SUSAN)

Pretty random list - but that means I'll be busy eating out and exploring this town for the last three weeks.



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