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Aparigraha: non-possessiveness, non-grasping, non-attachment; "being able to let go."

I'm taking a Yoga class this quarter. Along with practicing yoga, the instructor also teaches us the Yamas of yoga, including aparigraha. This Yama is so relevant in life right now - it teaches you to fully enjoy each moment and to fully let go to make room for the next thing to come. Just as we trust our breath to keep continuing, we must trust that life will bring something good for us.

We hold on and this is because of our fear of the unknown, i.e. graduation and all of the unknown that follows it.

I had accepted that unknown, and last week, something new was thrown my way - something new that was the "next thing to come."

My internship asked me if I'd stay on for the next three months because "(I've) had a great attitude, done good and reliable work for (them), and (they'd) love to have (me) around for more." As I had applied to jobs and had only been rejected, I decided to accept this offer.

The two days I was considering the offer brought much anxiety into my life. Was I to go back home with no job offers but live at home for free, or stay here with an unpaid internship and needing to get a second job to pay rent?

Once I was offered the internship extension, I knew where my heart landed. I love AZ home. I do. But right now, my heart is still in Bellingham.

Also, it's kind of nice to have a place believe in your work. PLUS - this is the first internship/job I've ever really loved!

So here's to the next chapter of my life - at least for the next three months!

Here's to letting go - working hard, but also putting trust that life will work out.



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