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T-Minus 3 Days

In three days, I will be graduated. I will have my cap thrown in the air. I will have taken many photos of me and my bestie in our caps and gowns in front of Old Main. I will have done this and that.

I will be an official adult. (Thank goodness my British bff gave me an adulting book!)

After all these previous posts, you should know I'm not as scared as I was before. I know everything will work out - it just takes time and trust.

Not much is changing, except for the fact that I will never have to go to school again. That's just the craziest part of graduating is the fact that I will never have to go to school again. I'm laughing at that fact - it's unbelievable. It feels like it was just freshman year of high school where I was dreaming to go to college.

Wow. I don't think I'll fully fathom it until I'm walking across the stage to get my diploma.

I think I might cry...

Yay to new beginnings! I'm excited for these next three months in Bellingham, with my closest friends making more adventures and memories, working for my internship and expanding my portfolio, and hopefully getting a part time job (I have an interview lined up though!).



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