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This whole "adulting" thing is a little... let's just say interesting.

I've already decided what I'm going to do to work out, now that I don't have my college's gym, I'm going to just use free trials and great deals. Free trials online and a deal of like $20 for a few weeks of classes - that sounds good, right? I'll take any chance to do a free class of something.

I knew I'd be cheap - but not this fast.

I mean, I already lived the life of thrift shops. However, recently I bought a fitness shirt at one. I'm thinking of getting books there now that you know I actually have time to read (I mean, kind of...).

I'm going to go to happy hours and just use Groupon like I've never used it before.

Here's to adulting where you have to get a part-time job to survive, work your butt off and feel exhausted even though you haven't left your room because most of your work is on the computer, feel poor but yet go out drinking, cry because you don't know how to budget, and sleep in your bed all day never seeing the sun because you finally have a day off.

To adulting!



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