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"Let yourself be scared, just for a moment. Let yourself feel that fear running through your body, the promise of possibility. Because where you feel fear is where you grow."

I read this quote the other day from a Thought Catalog post.

I am confident. I am sure of where I want to go in life. I am sure of who I want to surround myself with. But... I am always a bit fearful.

I'm fearful of when I succeed. I'm fearful of the the road to success. I'm fearful of failure. I'm fearful of feeling vulnerable. I'm fearful of being lost. I'm fearful of being far from friends and family.

I'm fearful of quite a lot.

However, in order to move on in life - in order to continue growing, you need to fear.

This is a reminder for myself to keep doing so in fear. This is for me to realize that fear and keep going. I need to "step forward in faith."



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