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Life Update

I've been on an emotional journey since moving back to Arizona. It's hard uprooting your life as you made the best of friends in your college state. It's hard leaving them when they all get to hang out since they all live in said state.

However, I'm learning and accepting things as I go along.

I started an internship at Green Living AZ magazine about a month ago. My title is technically a photography intern, but I think of it more as a creative intern as I don't just do photography there. I help with the website, social media, graphics here and there, and well of course, photography (more of a duh!).

The October issue just came to the office yesterday all newly printed and delivered. The staff photographed me signing one of the issues - because... I photographed the front cover! It's the first time a photograph of mine has been on the front cover of a magazine (of another company's magazine!). It's a big deal for me.

Even though this internship is unpaid, it allows me to feel productive and have a creative outlet when I'm unemployed. I enjoy the staff and feel like I'm contributing in a good way.

I've just started volunteering for an animal shelter as well. It's gives me my cat and dog fix while helping sweet baby angels.

Next week is quite a big week for me. I am starting a part-time job (scanning documents! so exciting!). I am photographing two events for Green Living. And - my best friend is coming into town for the Harry Styles concert (YES)!

It's still hard sometimes. But, I'm learning to adapt and keep myself busy. Plus, I've been reading book after book and sometimes that escape is easy on the mind.



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