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Surprise! Weekend

For about a month, my sister and I had been planning her surprise visit to Arizona. She had some extra vacation days that wouldn't roll over into the new year, soooo the surprise visit plan hatched.

I was sneaky - I asked subtle questions, asked a cousin to lie if ever asked, and surprised my mother, father, and grandparents about my sister's visit!

It was a wonderful few days. We went to a microbrewery, Coyotes game (and we won! Our 2nd win!), went to Blanco's Tacos & Tequila (mmm margs), played board games, had lunch with the grandparents, walked around Kierland (a place we frequented in high school), ate at In 'N Out, and enjoyed some good 'ol family time.

I had been surprised on my birthday and wanted to give a surprise back. Plus, I just really missed my sister.



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