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Creative Inspo, No. 3

#1: I am so inspired by Brianna Madia (@briannamadia). Her words, her journey, her love story, her relationship with her dogs, her relationship with the Earth, and again - her words speak to my soul.

As what is said in the Hearnes interview blog - "She is an incredible writer and her stories have made me laugh, cry, re-consider everything, decide to be more brave, feel proud to be a lady spending time outdoors, drop everything to go hug my dog, do I need to keep going? This girl's words are mobilizing. They are deep, hilarious, and true.

She is a writer who lives in a big orange van in Utah with her husband, Keith, and two dogs, Dagwood and Bucket. Check out her Instagram and check out this interview and photos from The Hearnes blog.

#2: The Hearnes blog.

As mentioned above in regards to Brianna Madia, The Hearnes are a couple who create beautiful photographs of weddings, elopements, and engagement photos in the Western U.S. a.k.a. beautiful landscapes.

(They are also husband and wife van travelers!)

That's only two, but that's it for this week!

Cheers xx


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