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Creative Inspo, Pt. 22

From listening to more music again to coin cutting art to bird photographs, I get into what has been inspiring me creatively lately.


(I'm seeing them in October with my sister and her fiance - so excited!)

The Way You Felt - Alec Benjamin

Solar Power - Lorde

Hot & Heavy - Lucy Dacus


Golsa Golchini is a visual artist and photographer in Milan since 2004. As stated at this link, Golsa's "artworks are (her) way of communicating with the observer about the things of everyday life that we all have in common. Things we do, objects we use, emotions we feel. These actions depicted in (her) artworks are very simple like the cardboard they are drawn on. My aim is to immerse the observer into the work and make him/her see the world and everyday actions in a different way."

Leah Gardner is an oil painter located in Chicago, Illinois.

Stacey Lee Webber is an artist who works with coin cutting, embroidery, metal fabrication, weaving and resin pouring. The pieces shown above are examples of coin cutting and metal fabrication. On her online shop, she sells jewelry and everyday objects as well.

Valery Konovalova, located in Moscow, Russia, is an illustrator and concept artist. She works with digital, watercolor and pencil.


I recently read an article in the latest Atlantic magazine issue, titled The Rise and Fall of an American Giant by Kaitlyn Tiffany. The article discusses the "rise and fall" of Kodak. Kodak is synonymous with film. However, now the company is switching to one that works with pharmaceuticals. After reading this article, I passed an end table in my living room and noticed that the disposable cameras I frequently use are Kodak. Hey, they still make some cameras. I will admit even as a photographer I don't know much about the history of Kodak, but I did learn some through this article. The article also mentioned that Kodak used to put up Coloramas in NYC's Grand Central Terminal. There weren't many photos of them in the article, so I researched to appeal to my visual eye. I found a website of a photographer that displays the beautiful work of the Coloramas. Here are a few examples:

I love birds. Yes, I said it. I'm a crazy bird lady. Here are some of my favorite photos from the 2021 Audubon Photography Awards (check out the full list on The Atlantic site):


As said in the past: "I majored in journalism, visual journalism, to be more precise. Writing has never really been my thing - visuals usually help me express myself. However, I find reading articles to be so important. It's part of my daily routine. I read to help myself understand what I could never understand as a white person, to discover animals and cultures and jobs and people, and to better understand myself."

In A World Without Sushi by Juhea Kim by Guernica

"Whether wild or farmed, salmon are a limited resource. Global salmon consumption today is three times higher than it was in 1980, and what used to be a luxury is now a staple—a veritable prerogative of upper-middle class and upper-class, health-conscious diners who don’t mind paying a premium to alleviate their eco anxiety but balk at actually considering the consequences of their diets. Meanwhile, the Indigenous tribes who used to live primarily on salmon are now surviving on processed eats in food deserts..."


A recent photo of a treat I made, Banoffee Icebox Cake:

**insert .gif of Emma Stone from Easy A saying "yum!" at the lobster restaurant**



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